Hey all you bloggers out there!…

Did you have 3ish weeks between your first post and second?  And did you have blog posts running through your head all the time, but not quite know which one was “the right one” to be your first real show-’em-what-you’re-made-of entry?  Honestly, I was ready to scrap the whole thing, but reading so many, many beautiful and various blogs has kept me wanting to do my own.

Nothing like getting your kid to bed 2 hours later than bedtime and a couplea Monkey Bars to get a party started.  Some goings-on:

homemade wheat thins from this amazing book:

my little guy on his new trike:

decorating cookies for Halloween:

using up some paper stash:

enjoying fallness at our local pumpkin farm:

spending much too much time on Ravelry, through which I swapped for the very first time:

and reading tons of blogs…seems like I find a new one every day that I HAVE to read every day thereafter.

Off to do a little more of that now.


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