Green Week V+

March 8, 2009

Guest photog: my mom.


Love it.


Green Week IV

March 5, 2009

Forget spring…bring on summer!


Green Week III

March 4, 2009

December 2005 at the San Cristobal Fort at Old San Juan.  I love the contrast between the old, old stone and the dreary sky up top (it looks cold, but it was actually hot and steamy), and the bright green below.


Spring is here (almost!–it’s 48 today and tomorrow promises 55+) and a new car is in the works (it’s not green, but that’s another story)…life is good.  Happy Wednesday!

Green Week II

March 4, 2009

More green browsing, and I came to a realization–95% of my photos are of my son.  Which I guess stands to reason, considering my stage of life, but kind of interesting nonetheless.


Something different today: My best friend since age 5, moments after we surprised her with a milestone birthday party.  I just love this expression.


And I really love that coat!

Green Week

March 2, 2009

I want to be the kind of person who doesn’t gripe about winter, but it’s hard when you’re really itching to be able to gratify a toddler who calls the park by name every time he sees it, snow covered and glistening, out the car window.  Which is why green week, hosted by Emily, couldn’t have come at a better time.  Maybe if I think about spring, it’ll get here sooner.

Haven’t taken many pictures lately, but I vowed to post the first picture that screamed green as I scrolled through old shots:

On the upside, there’s more snow in this photo than is covering the ground today.

Isn’t it excellent…

October 22, 2008

to get a package in the mail?  Today, we got two (and deserved them, after the trouble we had convincing UPS to actually let us have them): one containing some brand new tennies for my little guy (they’ve gotta be NB–he has wide feet like his mama), and one with all of this goodness in it, slated to become this and this and something like this:

The good:  It all looks just like I hoped.  Exactly.  How often does that happen?

The not-as-good:  The needles I need to get started are trapped upstairs due to the easily disturbed sleep of said little guy.

Hey all you bloggers out there!…

October 18, 2008

Did you have 3ish weeks between your first post and second?  And did you have blog posts running through your head all the time, but not quite know which one was “the right one” to be your first real show-’em-what-you’re-made-of entry?  Honestly, I was ready to scrap the whole thing, but reading so many, many beautiful and various blogs has kept me wanting to do my own.

Nothing like getting your kid to bed 2 hours later than bedtime and a couplea Monkey Bars to get a party started.  Some goings-on:

homemade wheat thins from this amazing book:

my little guy on his new trike:

decorating cookies for Halloween:

using up some paper stash:

enjoying fallness at our local pumpkin farm:

spending much too much time on Ravelry, through which I swapped for the very first time:

and reading tons of blogs…seems like I find a new one every day that I HAVE to read every day thereafter.

Off to do a little more of that now.


September 28, 2008

Well, it’s been 23 days since my 31st birthday, so I figured: why not start a blog?